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Frequently Asked Questions

We are completely aware that during these unprecedented times you may feel fear or anxiety for others to come to your property therefore our team members are trained accordingly to protect you and your family. Every single day our team members temperature is checked before and after their working day to make sure everyone is safe. 

If you have any more questions, please contact us by filling the contact form.

Garden labour in general takes a lot of time. Our team members are trained to perform the best possible without the lack of quality but even then there are tasks that will take long time to complete. 

If you have a troubles to get in touch with any of our team members, please leave a voice or text message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. The nature of gardening sometimes makes it difficult for us to communicate while using heavy machinery therefore we are apologising for inconvenience.

If your matter isn’t urgent, please use our website contact form and we will get back to you shortly.